Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Announcing MicasaStyle - Decorating Ideas For Your Home

This is an exciting time for us here at MicasaStyle, as we're putting the finishing touches on our new site. Bringing this project together has taken a lot longer, and a lot more work than we expected, but I'm sure you'll agree that it's worth it.

While we finish up the last of the testing I'd like to let you know exactly what MicasaStyle is, and how it can inspire you and how you can inspire others.

Share design inspiration
Proud of your art deco bathroom? Love your romantic bedroom? Is your patio the center of your neighborhood? MicasaStyle offers an easy way for you to share your decorating passion by allowing you to share photos of your home. It only takes a few minutes, and you can post as many pictures as you want to showcase each space in (and around) your home. It's a great way to show your latest redecorating project to distant friends and family and to document your home's transition over time (because we all know you're never done redecorating!).

Find that perfect piece
How often have you been at a friend's home and had to ask "where'd you get that?" Well, MicasaStyle's item-labeling feature helps you find items shown in other designers' photos. Whether it's the exact paint color that sets off their walls, the euro-styled couch with sleek lines that you've never seen before, or the cabinet hardware that will make your kitchen just right you'll get all the info you need to help you find it.

Get inspired
Wondering where to start with your next decorating project? Want to see a traditional style home office with a lot of red? Or maybe a southwest kitchen combined with stainless appliances? Your world of design will open up as you explore rooms from across the country.

Connect with other "designers"
At MicasaStyle everyone's a designer - including you. We're building a community of people with a passion for decorating and interior design. Whether you're trying to fill your first home on a budget or searching for that perfect lamp to finish off your masterpiece living room you'll benefit from MicasaStyle. You can leave a comment on a space that moves you, help someone out with a design decision, or connect with designers with similar tastes and homes.

Over the next few weeks we'll be finishing off the final touches on the site and posting more details about the features and functionality of the site. We'll also be talking to our designers about their homes and showcasing them here on this blog. So, go to MicasaStyle right now - add a room from your home and explore what others have added - inspire and get inspired!


At September 11, 2008 at 9:00 AM , Blogger JoAnne said...

I just found your sight and love it - especially the ability to label where things came from. I will be back soon to post some of my rooms. JoAnne


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